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NSPC Technician: A Chattanooga Computer Repair Technician is one who repairs and maintains computer, server, and network environments. Chattanooga Computer Repair Technicians plan and configure new hardware, install and update software packages, and create and maintain computer, voice, VOIP networks and data cabling structures. NSPC’s repair technicians can remotely connect to computers outside of Chattanooga, TN or provide on-site computer repair services within most cities in the USA. All computer repair technicians perform similar physical and investigative processes, including technical support. Experienced computer repair technicians may be specialized in fields such as data backup and disaster recovery, system administration, network administration, programming or information systems. Technicians utilize NSPC – LiveTech Console to troubleshoot and repair computers remotely. North Shore PC has constructed our console to increase the speed and efficiency in which we can respond to our client’s who are under our management. Due to the efficiency our software provides our team, we are able to respond to clients who are under our management in less than 15 minutes in nearly 90% of ALL support requests. What are you waiting for? Get started enjoying increased revenue, lower technology & communication expenses and more time to do what needs to get done today! Contact A North Shore PC Computer Repair Technician Today! (http://www NULL.northshorepc

Client Testimonial

  • ~ Dennis F. McQuillin

    "My wife and I were having numerous problems with our computer. She has many pictures on it that are very near and dear to her. We somehow were infected with a virus actually I believe several by the time we had to take it in. It was very, very slow, would not do many functions and finally got to the point we could not open it. It locked up. I might add to complicate matters more I kept trying other PC cleanup sites that apparently were just making things worse. So I called Brandon at North Shore PC. He had helped us previously and we were very pleased with him and his company. Brandon picked up my PC personally the next day. He worked on it that day and called to tell me it had several serious virus problems, probably from Facebook and inadequate protection. He worked on it that day then called me on Saturday to tell me he was determined to solve all the issues and save everything and he did. He returned our unit on Monday again personally; he had backed everything up with a remote drive and lost nothing. This PC is over 8 years old. It is now working perfectly; it is fast, sufficiently protected and very user friendly. I was convinced we would have to replace it and would lose all our data and pictures. He saved the day worked very hard and was always pleasant. The cost was also very reasonable, very. I would recommend North Shore PC and Brandon to anyone.

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