Productivity, Affordability and Flexibility – The Value of Hosted VoIP

VoIP, or Voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol), is an Internet-based PBX phone system that increases your business productivity and flexibility, while saving you money. Because it’s web-based, VoIP provides benefits that are not available using traditional land line business phone systems – and with flat rates, can save your business thousands of dollars in long-distance and overseas calling charges. North Shore PC’s Voice-over-IP technicians will work closely with your business to determine your current phone usage patterns and needs, review relevant options and provide VoIP solutions to replace or even supplement your current business phone system.

North Shore PC’s Voice-over-IP packages offer you:

  • Low-cost entry, hardware, support and upgrades
  • New features unavailable with older business phone systems
  • Installation, maintenance, and support included for all clients
  • Free Migration from current business phone system to hosted VoIP & PBX system

Voice-over-IP systems are a cost effective solution for businesses that use long-distance or international calls, because your monthly rate never changes regardless of how many calls you make or where you call. With our hosted VoIP business phone systems, you will not be requierd to make a major investment in equipment that will be obsolete nearly immediately.

With our VoIP, you can access your phone system anywhere you have access to the Internet. It’s a smart choice for cost-conscious businesses — especially businesses that have a mobile workforce. VoIP can be used with wireless connections, so your employees can stay productive while they’re at home, in the office or traveling. Plus, with voice-over-IP services your phone systems can adapt as your business needs change, giving you the ability to scale your extensions & phones up or down anytime.

Contact North Shore PC today to  (http://northshorepc NULL.net/contact-us/)see how much your company can save (http://northshorepc NULL.net/contact-us/) using VoIP.

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