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You can complete everyday tasks, such as entering grades and responding to student e-mail messages, more efficiently thanks to the innovative design of Windows XP Professional. Whether you’re checking e-mail, grading papers, or doing research, you can accomplish all your work quickly and easily.

Built on the Windows 2000 platform, Windows XP Professional is the most dependable Windows operating system today. Exceptional stability and performance, and built-in enhancements mean significantly fewer system problems. New support and superior compatibility standards enable you to resolve problems easily, and better partnering with anti-virus software enables the security you need. Windows XP Professional offers superior dependability, whether you’re sitting at your computer or connecting from a remote location.

Increased Productivity

Enhance collaboration with faculty and students by using the enhanced Web capabilities of Windows XP Professional. Take advantage of Windows Messenger to chat spontaneously with colleagues who are online, use the Search Companion for more effective Web research, and publish class projects and more to the Web in one easy step.

You can enhance class projects by using the multimedia features of Windows XP Professional, such as My Pictures and My Music. My Pictures enables you to create slide shows, post photos to the Web, or send photos by e-mail to students and faculty. The My Music feature makes it easier than ever to store and manage your music. You can catalog CDs for specific projects, create your own CDs for presentations, or access other music-related tasks. You can find more information about the multimedia features of Windows XP Professional in Windows XP Professional 201: Digital Experiences in the Classroom.

The Remote Desktop connection feature of Windows XP Professional enables you to access your computer from anywhere, at any time. When you enable Remote Desktop on your computer, you can access all of your files, applications, and network resources€”all as if you were sitting in front of your host computer. Remote Desktop also provides a secure connection, so the computer to which you are connecting is automatically locked to prevent others from viewing your actions.

Improved Help and Support

The innovative Windows XP Professional Help and Support Center offer superior help and support. The simplified design makes it easy to locate help topics, tutorials, support bulletins, and other resources. You can also obtain help remotely from your technical support faculty. Whether you are in the classroom, the library, or anywhere in the world, you can use the Remote Assistance feature of Windows XP Professional to enable other people to control your computer and troubleshoot problems immediately, from any location. Additional help is available from Microsoft Online Assisted Support, which enables you to contact a Microsoft support professional by using the Internet.

Hardware and Software Compatibility

Windows XP Professional offers superior compatibility features for hardware and software. The Compatible Hardware and Software feature is accessible directly from the Help and Support Center. By using the Compatible Hardware and Software site, you can search by manufacturer or product to determine which hardware and software is compatible with Windows XP Professional.

Updated compatibility information is added to the site regularly through Windows Update, which is an online extension of Windows that provides updates for operating systems, hardware, and software. After you enable Windows Update, you receive information on the latest updates automatically.

While most programs run properly on Windows XP Professional, there can be some exceptions. For this reason, Windows XP Professional integrates the Program Compatibility Wizard as part of the Help and Support Center. The wizard adjusts application compatibility settings according to the requirements of the program you are using. You can select a compatibility mode for the program from those provided in the wizard, including Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, or Microsoft Windows 2000. After you make your selection, you can test the compatibility settings, and you have the option to make the settings permanent for that application. (http://www NULL.mspx)

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    "North Shore PC were the kindest, most professional and prompt computer service that I have ever used. They didn't try to upsell me on products or software that I didn't need, was thorough in their analysis of my computer issues and actually called when everything was done! They understood that my computer was important to me for work, and did their best to get it back as soon as possible- which was the next day! I wouldn't go anywhere else in Chattanooga- I might even come back from NC just for"

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