Disaster Recovery

When Disaster Strikes, Will Your Critical Data Be Safe?

Your business just lost all of its data and technology infrastructure, are you prepared and able to recover your business? At North Shore PC, we provide a solution to this business crushing, very real, possibility – full disaster recovery planning and business continuity services for small and mid-size businesses are your only option if you want to survive losing access to company data.

We offer peace of mind and security that your company’s vital information is protected from loss due to a natural disaster, system breakdown, or even human error and malice. We offer customized data protection, data backup and disaster recovery plans to protect critical information and ensure your technology infrastructure can be revived as quickly as disasters occur.

NSPC’s extensive backup and data recovery product “LiveBackup” includes:

  • Encrypted backup copies of your data is mirrored in our offsite data centers, offering protection from natural disasters and unauthorized access
  • Emergency access your data backups through our servers
  • On-going backups protect your company from lost data
  • Complete copy of your data that can be virtualized and used as a substitute within a few minutes  of an emergency
  • No surprise expenses with monthly invoicing for your data protection services

If there is ever a flood, fire or other disastrous event that damages your office, on-site data backup and recovery equipment is not enough. While no one foresees a situation like this, and they will hopefully never arise, they are happening more frequently. Plus now there are new threats all of the time, including network and software application failures & viruses, which sometimes can take days to repair.

If access to vital data was interrupted, could you contact clients and vendors, or continue to operate your business? How long would your company survive?

Contact Chattanooga’s Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Professionals at North Shore PC today to learn more about how we can protect the most critical element of your business.

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